New showroom in Burscough & 20% off EVERYTHING!!!

A NEW outdoor clothing, camping & ski-wear showroom opened in Burscough this week – Outdoorgear4u are giving campers, skiers & outdoor folk the chance to grab a bargain.

Outdoorgear4u have taken over a 5000 square foot building in Burscough, West Lancs, next door to thier giant web warehouse where the 1000′s of stock items will be available to customers on the same day.

fabulous range of ski wear for 2012, neon is the new black!All year round camping display, over 100 tents on display during camping season.

The group – which also has a branch in Ormskirk’s town center – is one of the country’s fastest growing outdoor retailers and has just introduced scores of new brands to thier collection.

The grand opening is scheduled for a bang on the 5th & 6th November… To celebrate the arrival of the new facility, Outdoorgear4u will be giving away Free discount cards & 20 % discount off any purchase made on bonfire weekend! Hi-Tec has also teamed up with the company to offer customers Free Drinks flasks on any purchase over £50.

A company spokesman said: “Outdoorgear4u will never be beaten on price – their ‘price match promise’ guarantees you the best price on the high street & the web.

“The stores offer extraordinary value, with exciting and practical outdoor clothing, ski wear & tents for the whole family, as well as a great range of caravan accessories, furniture & cycling clothing & accessories.

“ Outdoorgear4u is the place to get your winter wardrobe and make the winter months ahead as comfortable as possible. Then when the winters over & the warmer weather comes back we’ll be able to display over 100 tents due to the vast outdoor space we have”

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Dont Go Outdoors without one of Outdoorgear4u’s new discount cards !

Go Grab an Outdoorgear4u Instore Discount Card for amazing in store benefits. As many of our customers already know, we guarantee the UK’s lowest prices & offer reduced rates to all our customers online & instore without the use of a discount card, however…
The new Outdoogear4u Discount Card offers you extra! Another 5% discount on top of our already slashed prices and exclusive deals that are only available to our card holders. £5 per year is all it costs to get fantastic in store benefits that will save you £££’s. Dont go outdoors without one!


Superb Benefits: For £5 per year:
•Our Extra 5% Discount: Dont forget, our prices are already slashed & you’ll  Save another 5% off everything,
•Price Match Guarantee: Show us a cheaper price on any product and we’ll beat it.
•Unbeatable & Exclusive Deals: Regular amazing deals offered only to discount card holders with massive savings of up to 80%

You can buy an Outdoorgear4u discount card in any of our stores so dont delay!
Call in to one of our stores & see for yourselves.

See you all soon:


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OG4U News bulletin in the Ormskirk advertiser….

AN OUTDOOR clothing and equipment supplier has taken its business online and will see turnover rocket this year, thanks to internet sales and mobile e-commerce.

Outdoorgear4u, which offers tents and camping accessories, as well as a full range of outdoor clothing and skiwear, commissioned web design specialists Bespoke Internet to develop the online side of their business six years ago, and hasn’t looked back since.

Two warehouses and a team of 11 staff are now in place to process web orders for Ormskirk form Outdoorgear4u.

This generates online sales from around the UK and beyond. Their latest venture, working with Bespoke Internet, is a mobile e-commerce shop, where customers can place orders directly from their smartphones.

Outdoorgear4u founder, Andy Flynn, says: “We have seen our turnover quadruple since Bespoke Internet helped us launch online trading and our growth is forecast to continue as we take sales through our new mobile site.

“Our advice to small businesses is to grasp the enormous opportunity that the internet and mobile phone sales present, and watch their businesses grow.”

Barrie Hodson, business development manager at Bespoke Internet, said businesses need to gear up for the rapid growth in mobile e-commerce.

He added: “Online shopping is clearly a growing area. Plenty of businesses, like Outdoorgear4u, recognise this and are focusing on their e-commerce sites, but, as the statistics show, more and more people today are using their mobile phones to browse for and buy goods.

“Sales of PCs have always outstripped those of smartphones. But, in the last three months of 2010, that trend reversed, with more people buying smartphones than PCs for the first time. Catering for mobile phone customers in order to make the most of this growing area is a must for businesses.

“We are absolutely delighted that our work with Outdoorgear4u has enabled the company to grow at such a rate”.

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New 5000 sq Foot Mega Showroom On It’s Way



Outdoorgear4u have big plans starting in October,  a new  large scale mega showroom will be opening in Burscough, West lancs.
Across the 2 floors the 5000 square foot  indoor display area will include tent displays, caravan accessories, awnings, ski wear, ski accessories & winter clothing.

After the winters over we’ll then be opening our seasonal outdoor tent display with a great choice & many new brands.
Outdoorgear4u employee Andy commented:
“It has been a long process aquiring the ideal property but were now in a position to open a fantastic superstore for 1 stop camping, outdoors and ski wear customers. We’ll have a fantastic looking showroom, a large area for free car parking & with the vast amount of outdoor space we should be able to display over 100 tents for customers to view. Our level of stocking due to our web warehouse next door will mean goods will be available immediatley for collection or delivery”

The new building will also host our state of the art Internet call centre and with new 24 hour, 7 days a week order lines & help desks.

We will be stocking our usual brands with the addition of some more to spice things up. We’ll also be taking on some new staff to offer expert advice on all ski clothing & camping equipment.
As we did in our store this year there will still an oppurtunity for customers to gain further discounts for collecting goods as it will save us on shipping them via couriers…. Collect in store, save more!

The new facilities will represent a huge investment from Outdoorgear4u & provide one of the most comprehensive Ski-Wear & camping showroom in the North West.

The building will also allow for order & collection for our online customers, order points will be readily available & with 7 days a week opening & free car parking it will be a good choice for any customers wanting to go outdoors to come & visit.

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Complete guide to camping in mother natures wilderness

There’s a vast amount satisfaction to be had from pitching, or in some cases propping up a tent. New designs have made them far less complicated than they used to be (Vango Airbeam now produce a 6 berth Infinity tent our team can erect in 1 min, 26 secs), but it’s still an achievement to transform a small bag on the floor into a luxurious palace that you can live in for weeks on end. There’s unlimited rewards including the wonderfull connection to be made with Mother Nature: you will be constantly reminding yourself & stating that old cliche, “The best things in life are free” you’ll be breathing fresh air and enjoying the delights of the countryside around you & What’s more, you’ll be doing so in an amazingly flexible form of accommodation.  

Finally, there’s a practical benefit to camping. Even after the cost of your camping equipment is taken into consideration, it’s still one of the cheapest forms of holiday making there is. Pitches at sites starting from as little as £5 per night in the UK, a tent is a perfect base from which to ramble, cycle, visit local attractions & believe it or not sometimes you can sunbathe. It’s certainly a popular pastime: around three million camping holidays are taken by Brits each year, representing some 15 million nights under canvas.


First things first: seek professional help at an outdoor or camping shop such as  You don’t get carried away by all the gadgets & gizmo’s. The most important thing to bear in mind is if the gear you’re choosing will be suitable for the area and climate you are travelling to. There’s no point buying an expensive mountain sleeping bag if you only ever intend to camp in Newquay in July.

These days, you can buy a good tent for surprisingly little. To give yourself a better idea of the options, visit Four Seasons Leisure (01695-574-050) or Outdoorgear4u (01704-893-477)  A basic camping set-up amounts to a tent (two-man versions start at £29.99); a sleeping bag (from £9.99 for one that will serve you during the summer months) and a sleeping bed (from £8.99 for an inflatable air bed, or from £5 for a foam camping mat). 

Unless you plan on eating out every night, you’ll also need something to cook with. Basic single-burner camping stoves start at £9.99 Everything can, of course, be upgraded according to your needs: family tents have porches, canopies, carpets and separate sleeping compartments (family tent prices start at about £99), and family-size stoves, with two gas rings and a grill, start at £34.99

As far as camping accessories go, there’s a huge array of devices designed to make your trip that little bit easier, from waterproof matches to folding chairs and collapsible cooksets. But probably the most important single item is a torch: vital for discreet loo trips in the middle of the night. 


That’s entirely down to you. camping is all about necessity. Hikers who travel with two pairs of pants and three pairs of socks have made travelling light their first priority. For these hardy souls, a bivy bag (basically a sleeping bag with a hood, prices start at £19.99) represents luxury. But the British Holiday and Home Parks Association (BH&HPA), to which over 3,000 UK holiday parks belong, has identified a fast-growing market of “born again campers” – couples and families who have tired of luxury hotels, hiked up prices and who now want to rediscover “the pleasures of waking up to birdsong, snoring and fresh country air”.

Nowadays parents are anxious for their youngsters not to miss out on the type of experiences they enjoyed as children. They also worry that their kid’s might be getting too used to leisure that relies on artificial surroundings and ready-made entertainment.
The Camping and Caravanning Club (024 7669 4995, also runs lots of graded sites across the UK, some of them providing the basic facilities and others being more upmarket. Membership costs £27.50, which includes discounted rates at certified club sites, and access to other sites abroad. (you should more than get your membership fee back from the savings you make on site fee’s after just a few trips)

If you prefer “wild camping” – pitching up at places other than parks and other licensed sites – then you must always ask the landowner’s permission before raising your tent, otherwise you may be guilty of trespassing. The rewards are fabulous but it’s only for the hardcore campers, Sorry no hot showers & hair dryers available!

For general information on camping in the UK, Come to our stores or give us a call, our staff are all campers & love to chat about past experiences, get a copy of Cades camping guide, or get on to  for great site reviews, forums & general information.


It’s a jungle out there. Or a forest. Or maybe just a field. Wherever you pitch your tent, nature has a habit of biting back. Mosquitoes are the traditional plague to befall campers, especially in Scotland & Snowdonia. Anti-mosquito incense coils and citronella candles are effective, along with liberal doses of mosquito-repellent deet on exposed skin. But the best defences against airborne attack are to be obsessive about zipping up your tent, and to avoid camping near stagnant water.

Weather-wise, unless you’re already a serious camper, you’re unlikely to have to deal with extremes in temperature, so the worst the elements are likely to throw at you is rain. Always observe the golden rule: never pitch your tent at the bottom of a hill, or you’ll wake up in a lake. 


Absolutely, not least because of cost. Campsites also give children the freedom and facilities to enjoy themselves. Companies such as Eurocamp (0870 366 7558,, Canvas Holidays (01383 629 000, and the Alan Rogers Travel Service (01892 559 898, specialise in self-catering package camping holidays at locations throughout Western Europe. Fleur Holidays (0870 750 2121, runs packages to campsites in France only. Typically, campsites run by package operators will provide space for tents, as well as areas for mobile homes and caravans, alongside family-friendly facilities such as a pool, tennis, volleyball and mini-golf, creche facilities and children’s clubs, plus shops, restaurants and bars. Sites flagged as being good for teenagers tend to have the best facilities and lots going on, including cinemas, discos and bands. Games and events are also run for younger children.
What’s more, with a package like this you don’t even need to bring your own canvas. If you so wish, a family-sized tent will be pitched ready and waiting for you, with a fully equipped kitchen including gas cooker, refrigerator, cutlery and crockery, and bedroom compartments separated by partitions (you have to bring your own bedding, although beds with sprung mattresses are supplied). This is the closest that camping gets to a luxury hotel: there are even checking-in times (which are usually between 4pm and 8pm). 


If France is too far, then try a self-catering tepee at Tregildrans in Cornwall. Prices start at £295 for one week (£175 for a long weekend) and you have to bring your own sleeping bags, although the rest of your camping equipment is supplied. For more information, contact Cornish Tipi Holidays (01208 880 781,

Canvas opinions

Ten top tips for a successfull camping experience

 * Always do a trial run and set up your new tent before you go away. Make sure all the components are there.

 * Before you pitch your tent, clear the ground of any leaves, stones and twigs.

 * If you can, avoid packing up your tent when it is damp, and after your holiday make sure it is dry before putting it away into storage

 * You can increase the life of your tent by laying an extra groundsheet or footprint groundsheet under the floor of the tent before pitching it.

 * Always use waterproof sealant such as Fabsil on your tent if it has had a lot of use or is a bit older & letting in water.

 * Always take duct tape on holiday with you to mend any unexpected rips or tears in the fabric.

 * Never attempt to cook inside your tent!

 * Do not pitch your tent on a hill, or below one, in case of heavy rain or flash floods.

 * If you want to pitch your tent in the open countryside, make sure that you get the appropriation permission: check beforehand with your local tourist information office.

 * If you are backpacking, take a roll mat or better still a self inflating mat for comfort.

Well I think thats about covered most things. If you think there anything missing please post your thoughts, Ideas & hot camping tips.

Carry on camping,

Andy: Blogger

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Bookmark the new outdoorgear4u mobile website

Outdoorgear4u mobile website officially launched on Wednesday 11th May 2011. The mobile site has been designed to work across all devices including BlackBerry, Symbian, Android and iPhone operating systems, this is reflected in the simplicity of the homepage layout and the navigation options.There is a simple, easy to use layout, as well as a search box. Each of the categories contain plenty of further navigation options. Users can browse by product sub-category, call the sales line with one click, easily see delivery options, & add products to the shopping basket to check out with ease.

Mobile users will be automatically redirected to the Outdoorgear4u Mobile site when they try to view Outdoorgear4u on their mobile device, however if this does not happen the site can be found by entering  into the device’s web-browser.

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Burscough Tent Display with a Brucie Bonus For New Customers

Our new display is now open Monday to Friday 10 -4pm & now open sundays 10am – 4pm, (there’s one of the biggest & best car boot sales in the uk – right next door) new customers will receive a Brucie Bonus for tents collected, so come on down the price is right…

Theres an indoor camping showroom stocked with most of our camping products & we even have 360° panoramic views of many of the tents not erected for you to view on our HD screen.

 Tents on display include the following…
Vango Icarus 500, Maritsa 600, Beta 350, Banshee 200, Tigris 400, Vango Airbeam Infinity 600 pump up tent, Typhoon 200, Halo 200, Tempest 300, Green leaf Eco friendly pop up tent, Green Wing 300, Artemis 600, Omega 250, Alpha 400, Privvy Toilet Tent, Kasari 600 & Maritsa 600.

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Jet Power!

When looking for a stove, I needed something which was compact, lightweight, fuel efficient and most importantly easy to use. I found all of this with Jetboil making it the natural choice for me. It’s now my most prized bit of kit, and comes everywhere with me. What I love about the Jetboil is how easy it is to use, as everything stays connected, all I have to do is connect the stove to the cooking vessel and in less than 2 minutes I can have a hot drink.
The all in one design combines the cooker and 1.0L cooking vessel in one compact unit. This can all then be stacked and stored, along with gas (up to size equivalent of Coleman 100) inside the cooking vessel. This makes it ideal for any activity where space is an issue, which for me makes it perfect for backpacking, climbing and general use.
For me there are a few real pros of the Jetboil which make it stand out from the rest, simple things such as the piezo ignition and the lid which turns the cooking vessel it into a large cup for hot drinks. It’s perfect for wayfarer meals and other dehydrated meals as well as boiling water for a brew, with a super quick boil time of 2 minutes for 1/2 litre.
However there are a few issues which I find affect the Jetboil. First of all, because of the shape of the pot you are quite limited to what can be cooked however, this hasn’t been much of a problem for me as I usually go for dehydrated meals and pastas. Another issue is that the Jetboil is quite bulky and can take up more room in your pack than other stoves, however as everything is all stacked and stored in the one unit, I find it much easier as I know that once I’ve got the stove I have everything I need to start cooking. A must for bad weather or emergency situations.
Overall I think that the Jetboil is a superb piece of kit, worthy of any mountaineer, climber or outdoor enthusiast. Its design, efficiency and price make it irresistible for anyone looking for a stove.
Thanks for reading,

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New Tent & Camping Display Inc Vango Airbeam Inflatable Tents

Great news everyone…  Display opens soon (contact us for details)
At Outdoorgear4u we are about to have a grand opening for our new Tent & Camping display. It’s only 5 Min’s down the road from our Ormskirk store. We have had a lot of requests & a lot of interest from customers wanting to not just view a tent on a computer screen but to actually see tents in all their glory with the matching accessories such as extension canopies, carpets, footprints & furniture.

It’s a big step for us as previously we have only managed to erect 8-10 smallish tents in our Ormskirk store, however we had a rather large car-park at our Outdoorgear4u warehouse so we have decided to put that space to good use & erect some of our flagship tents such as Vango Icarus 500 & Vango Maritsa models.

There will  be an indoor display of camping accessories, spares, sleeping bags & more for customers to view at their own leisure & best of all our knowledgeable staff will be there to help & advise you, after all it’s not just a tent, it’s also part of your holiday.

We’ll also have our Top end tent, (The Bentley of the camping world) on display… Vango Airbeam

Vango AirBeam™ inflatable tents are new for this year & are set to redefine camping. Rapid pitch, no poles, stability, fully featured, inflatable tents. This is the most innovative and exciting development to the camping market in recent years. Models will be the Velocity, available in 200, 300 and 400 and the Infinity, available in 400, 600 and 800. You have to be an Authorised dealer for Vango Airbeam & due to our dedication to the brand we have been selected to retail these awesome new tents.

There’s always a deal at Outdoorgear4u & we have some special opening offers for customers … Like our facebook page for new offers & discount coupons to print

So come on, have a day out in Burscough… There’s plenty to do in the area & it’s always good to view a tent 1st, the display is only 5 minutes form the Leeds/Liverpool canal where you will some great canal pubs (ask Dave – he knows them all)  wildlife packed canal walks & Martin Mere Wetland Centre is only minutes drive away.

I look forward to seeing you there… Andy: Blogger

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Outdoor chef goes dutch serving up international cuisine in Beddgelert

Hey everyone, This is my 1st post on my new outdoor celebrity chef status!
I’m going to be posting some of these recipes as I & a few friends have all decided that outdoor grub tastes better. Were going to share mouth watering recipes to show that you can cook up some top notch scran with minimal effort & equipment.

First essential piece of kit is a Dutch Oven, this IS THE BEST PIECE OF OUTDOOR KIT I have EVER’s basically an outdoor version of a Le Creuset pan & lid that’s suitable for cooking on open fires…. Oh & don’t forget the tripod, it’s not essential but without it will be like cooking on a F16 Afterburner.

1st of all you need to season your Dutch Oven, that means taking a bit of time out at home to get this cast iron cauldron ready for it’s new outdoor life. Get the pot & lid out of the box, give them both a very light coating of oil (use an oil suitable for high tenperature cooking) I used seasame oil on mine. Then pop it in the oven upside down (with some tinfoil on the bottom to catch any drips) for at least an hour or 2. The more you do this (I done mine twice) the better it will be. This then provides the pot with a longer life & a decent non stick coating.

Now that it’s ready for action you can start thinking about what your going to cook & if you have any good recipes be sure to let me know by posting on this blog, I’d love to hear from you. Likewise I’ll be updating this as much as possible with new recipes & ideas.

Just to bed you in lightly try this Moroccan Tagine, it’s really easy to prepare and cook & taste’s absolutely amazing.
I find it’s easiest to pack all your spices, stock cubes & dried fruit mixed up in a bag before you go….

Lamb Tagine: Serves 2/3, preparation: 10 Mins, Cooking Time: 1-1.5 Hours

Fry 300g lamb mince and onion in dutch oven for 3 mins until browned, add carrot and 1 x garlic clove and cook for 1 min.
Add 1 x tin chopped toms, 1 x tin chick peas & 1/2 pint chicken stock, then add 1/2 teaspoon of each as follows…
turmeric, ground cumin, cayenne pepper, cinnamon & i like to chuck in a few cumin seeds as well (like i said it’s best to have these and the stock cube ready mixed in a bag & just add water)
Then add a hand full of mixed dried fruit (sultanas, raisins and apricots work well)
mix, season and then cook in the dutch oven for 1 – 1/2 hours or until carrots have softened.
Serve with fresh coriander a splodge of houmous in the middle & either pitta bread or cous cous.
Works well with minced beef or diced lamb but i prefer the lamb mince…

Bon appetit! Andy: Blogger

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