OG4U News bulletin in the Ormskirk advertiser….

AN OUTDOOR clothing and equipment supplier has taken its business online and will see turnover rocket this year, thanks to internet sales and mobile e-commerce.

Outdoorgear4u, which offers tents and camping accessories, as well as a full range of outdoor clothing and skiwear, commissioned web design specialists Bespoke Internet to develop the online side of their business six years ago, and hasn’t looked back since.

Two warehouses and a team of 11 staff are now in place to process web orders for Ormskirk form Outdoorgear4u.

This generates online sales from around the UK and beyond. Their latest venture, working with Bespoke Internet, is a mobile e-commerce shop, where customers can place orders directly from their smartphones.

Outdoorgear4u founder, Andy Flynn, says: “We have seen our turnover quadruple since Bespoke Internet helped us launch online trading and our growth is forecast to continue as we take sales through our new mobile site.

“Our advice to small businesses is to grasp the enormous opportunity that the internet and mobile phone sales present, and watch their businesses grow.”

Barrie Hodson, business development manager at Bespoke Internet, said businesses need to gear up for the rapid growth in mobile e-commerce.

He added: “Online shopping is clearly a growing area. Plenty of businesses, like Outdoorgear4u, recognise this and are focusing on their e-commerce sites, but, as the statistics show, more and more people today are using their mobile phones to browse for and buy goods.

“Sales of PCs have always outstripped those of smartphones. But, in the last three months of 2010, that trend reversed, with more people buying smartphones than PCs for the first time. Catering for mobile phone customers in order to make the most of this growing area is a must for businesses.

“We are absolutely delighted that our work with Outdoorgear4u has enabled the company to grow at such a rate”.

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