Burscough Tent Display with a Brucie Bonus For New Customers

Our new display is now open Monday to Friday 10 -4pm & now open sundays 10am – 4pm, (there’s one of the biggest & best car boot sales in the uk – right next door) new customers will receive a Brucie Bonus for tents collected, so come on down the price is right…

Theres an indoor camping showroom stocked with most of our camping products & we even have 360° panoramic views of many of the tents not erected for you to view on our HD screen.

 Tents on display include the following…
Vango Icarus 500, Maritsa 600, Beta 350, Banshee 200, Tigris 400, Vango Airbeam Infinity 600 pump up tent, Typhoon 200, Halo 200, Tempest 300, Green leaf Eco friendly pop up tent, Green Wing 300, Artemis 600, Omega 250, Alpha 400, Privvy Toilet Tent, Kasari 600 & Maritsa 600.

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6 Responses to Burscough Tent Display with a Brucie Bonus For New Customers

  1. Julie Mucklin says:

    Hi there, please can u tell me if u have a Vango Maritsa 500 on display?

    Thanks, Julie

    • blog says:

      Hi Julie, Sorry no, we do have the Vango Maritsa 600 on display. 500′s are in stock & we also have 1 Vango Maritsa 700 available. You should be able to get a fee for the 500 as there is not that much size difference between them, hope to see you soon, many thanks.

  2. Andrew lawless says:

    Hi. Do you have the vango Tigris 600 out on display? Secondly. Is the main bedroom inner of the 2011 model bigger than the 2010 model. Many thanks

  3. suzanne gaughan says:

    We have a Vango Maritsa 500 and are loking for a side canopy could you recommend one that would fit. Thanks Suzanne

    • blog says:

      Hi Suzanne, Sorry but due to the sloping sides and the dimensions of the tent there is no side canopy that I can think of that will go on the side of the Vango Maritsa 500. There is a enclosed canopy extension for the front entrance if that works for you…. Thanks for your interest. – Andy.

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