Jet Power!

When looking for a stove, I needed something which was compact, lightweight, fuel efficient and most importantly easy to use. I found all of this with Jetboil making it the natural choice for me. It’s now my most prized bit of kit, and comes everywhere with me. What I love about the Jetboil is how easy it is to use, as everything stays connected, all I have to do is connect the stove to the cooking vessel and in less than 2 minutes I can have a hot drink.
The all in one design combines the cooker and 1.0L cooking vessel in one compact unit. This can all then be stacked and stored, along with gas (up to size equivalent of Coleman 100) inside the cooking vessel. This makes it ideal for any activity where space is an issue, which for me makes it perfect for backpacking, climbing and general use.
For me there are a few real pros of the Jetboil which make it stand out from the rest, simple things such as the piezo ignition and the lid which turns the cooking vessel it into a large cup for hot drinks. It’s perfect for wayfarer meals and other dehydrated meals as well as boiling water for a brew, with a super quick boil time of 2 minutes for 1/2 litre.
However there are a few issues which I find affect the Jetboil. First of all, because of the shape of the pot you are quite limited to what can be cooked however, this hasn’t been much of a problem for me as I usually go for dehydrated meals and pastas. Another issue is that the Jetboil is quite bulky and can take up more room in your pack than other stoves, however as everything is all stacked and stored in the one unit, I find it much easier as I know that once I’ve got the stove I have everything I need to start cooking. A must for bad weather or emergency situations.
Overall I think that the Jetboil is a superb piece of kit, worthy of any mountaineer, climber or outdoor enthusiast. Its design, efficiency and price make it irresistible for anyone looking for a stove.
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