Holly the Hill hound loves da cake…..woof

Captains log star-date 8/3/11. Beamed down to Grasmere today, nothing too extreme Holly has been recuperating from a  torn cruciate ligament since last winters snow, and at the tender age of 12 years I always aire on the side of caution. Grasmere a lovely village nestling amongst the more lowly fells but still a great focal point for some very good hill walks…. and pie and pastry scoffing, myself, Chris, and Holly the hill hound are connoisseurs when it comes to all things pastry!!

After stuffing our chops, we headed off up Easedale Road where the track becomes a path there’s a small path sheep trod going off on the left, we took this winding muddy little track to the summit of Great Castle How 500m. beautiful views in all directions on such a sunny spring like morning, cold wind from the west. I was breaking in my new Brasher Towa GTX walking boots, straight from the box, very comfortable, just the right amount of flex/rigidity & the Vibram sole offered excellent grip. We decended the ridge to spedding Crag to  High Close YHA were we stopped for… yeah more pies! Woof. I popped my Paramo velez adventure lite smock on to keep my static temperature up, Holly the Hill Hound as usual eager to cram in just another titbit if possible usally by theft of the food product from ones fingers!

So, after more munching, we set off up and over Loughrigg Fell, both Chris and I had been trying the Smartube hydration system which is very nifty idea that allows any bottle to be used as a potential resevior for carrying fluids on the move. Brilliant! We bombed down to Rydal, again not rushing too nice a day, spen some 20 minutes just taking photos and talking to fellow travellers.

We headed off via the Tarnside paths of Rydal water and Grasmere back to Grasmere village and the best £1.25 strawberry,cream  and IceMORE PIES! PLEASE cream pancakes ever! Stuffed. Until The next Time, Pete.

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