NASA approved Sorbothane insoles propel me into the next step

30% lighter
I’ve been doing a fair amount of training lately trying to get fit for those seldom seen summer months of hiking in the UK. I threw myself in at the deep end (part of my new years resolution) & decided to get myself off the couch & start running.

I have a fair amount of knowledge when it comes to training but it has been some time so I grabbed my trainers & eased myself into a joggers pace, not making the mistake of starting too fast & building up the miles & speed gradually.

It’s been just over a month now since the training started & fitness wise I’ve come a long way, the only niggle I’ve had is some problems with pain in my left leg & it’s really started to bother me. Immediately after my session I would feel pain in my knee & would often have to miss training the next day in order to recover properly.

I sought advice from fellow runners that told me it’s probably down to not warming up properly or to start running on the beach as this would be better than running on tarmac. The beach wasn’t far away but it turned out to be a nightmare, pitch black during the winter months &  I didn’t see the point in driving to the beach to go for a run? 

The answer…  Sorbothane shock stopper insoles. The model I tested was the Sorbothane Double Strike Insole they instantly fitted well in my trainers (it was the new 30% lighter version) my old insole was tossed into the bin as the Sorbothanes are quite thick & add volume to your shoes. They instantly fitted well and I felt an immediate difference to the comfort of my trainers.

The Double strike’s feature 2 parts of Sorbothanes unique visco-elastic material (the red parts in the picture) that absorbs shock waves & immediately returns to it’s original shape ensuring it’s 100% operational for every stride.

I’ve got to say that they really did make a difference whilst running & probably even more so for my recovery, the pains have almost disappeared & I’m back out running 5 times a week. I would certainly recommend these insoles to anyone with similar problems, £17.99 is a small price to pay for comfort (NASA probably paid a lot more for their Sorbothane space camera protectors) they do seem durable & you’ll be able to use them in all different types of footwear.

Overall i think these insoles are great value for money and certainly do a good job, manufacturers almost certainly cut corners when putting insoles into their trainers & boots, which brings me to the point of posting this review. I am definitely going to pop the double strikes into my walking boots the next time I’m out on the hill, I let you know how I get on.

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