Raise the curtain for our new Outdoorgear4u blog

Hear yea, hear yea…. Welcome to our new Outdoorgear4u blog. Here you will find the latest informative news on everything about skiing, camping, walking & general outdoor leisure – from great product launches, hot new brands, whats happening outdoors & maybe even the odd interview with an Outdoorgear4u employee (yes we do have a few interesting extreme & maybe crazy people darting around our warehouses, starting with me of course).

Plus you going to see plenty of employee product tests & photos to hopefully make the blog a bit more interesting than reading the back of a cereal box whilst eating breakfast.

So come on bookmark our blog, email you friends, collegues & all budding Bear Gryll’s enthusiasts and pump up the volume on outdoor news at Outdoorgear4u, & of course we’d love to hear from you, see your photo’s, get your feedback on our blog, any outdoor gear that you have used & anything you would like to see discussed in the future.

Until the next time hikers….

Andy blogger

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